Does Your Fashion Business Need A Boot Up the Backside?

coaching sales vision Mar 15, 2018

I love the word - Reinvigorate! It sounds powerful, earthy and energetic. It's not a word you often hear used in business nowadays but it's the perfect antidote to a business that is failing.

When you re-invigorate your business you fill it with life and energy. You can energize teams, sales, customer experiences, shareholder value and more when you choose to reinvigorate your business.

Do you need a 'Boot up the backside? Where should you exactly start?

Well, that depends upon where you're lacking results. In my experience, most business owners or department heads know where they are struggling and why but the drive to hit targets often distracts them from taking the necessary steps back, hovering above their business and reflecting upon how to proceed and move from fuzzy to focused.

Over time the once clear vision they started with becomes distorted, irrelevant and inappropriate. Things change and instead of building a business toward their vision they simply go through the...

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