Working in Fashion Increases Your Health Risks by 25%

coaching life stress Jul 26, 2018

Is it really worth all the high pressure and excessive hours? We're not alone in working damn hard to meet deadlines, be super creative and find the next big thing. There are other industries just as demanding.

But it has its price.

And somewhere along the line, you've just got to ask the question "Is it worth it?"

What value do you place on your well being? Working around the clock and not getting enough rest puts your mental health at risk. 

When we're fit and everything's all going fine we blissfully think we can just sail on through. And then we start some low grade self-medicating in numerous ways to bolster any weaknesses in stamina we might have. The odd drink here and there, some recreational soft drugs, a little bit of this and that. Yeah, we can do this!

We persist at it for a few weeks, then a few months which then turns into a few years and BINGO, it's our way of life.

Then it hits you.

One too many late nights.

One too many non-stop weekends.

One too...

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How to Detox Your Toxic Relationships at Work

relationships stress Jul 22, 2018

This post is inspired by one of the lessons in our course for fashion professionals called How to Redesign Your Life and Live it Fully. In the lesson, we help you to recognise the toxic relationships that are negatively affecting your life and how to minimise the caustic effects of toxic behaviour you experience.

Fashion is notorious for the pressure it puts on its employees and many other stakeholders. Poor bosses, rotten management styles, and deliberate bullying can all be found in the industry.

Identifying and managing toxic relationships is important for your long-term well being.


First, some research to remind you of the potential there is for any of us to have toxic relationships. The more people in our lives, the more of a potential there is for us to be the victim of these relationships.

On average how many friends do we have?

In a study of 2,000 Brits conducted by HF Holidays, it was found that the average adult has 40 friends, including two best mates,...

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