Working in Fashion Increases Your Health Risks by 25%

coaching life stress Jul 26, 2018

Is it really worth all the high pressure and excessive hours? We're not alone in working damn hard to meet deadlines, be super creative and find the next big thing. There are other industries just as demanding.

But it has its price.

And somewhere along the line, you've just got to ask the question "Is it worth it?"

What value do you place on your well being? Working around the clock and not getting enough rest puts your mental health at risk. 

When we're fit and everything's all going fine we blissfully think we can just sail on through. And then we start some low grade self-medicating in numerous ways to bolster any weaknesses in stamina we might have. The odd drink here and there, some recreational soft drugs, a little bit of this and that. Yeah, we can do this!

We persist at it for a few weeks, then a few months which then turns into a few years and BINGO, it's our way of life.

Then it hits you.

One too many late nights.

One too many non-stop weekends.

One too...

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Managing Changes in Your Working Life with a Life Coach

career coaching life Jul 08, 2018

One of my questions as a life coach to ask clients is "Do you feel you work hard?"

The answer is more often than not, yes. Because most of us have to work hard to make our careers, families, and communities successful.

Not working hard doesn't seem to be an option in most cases. It seems modern mankind has evolved to a point where we're all trapped into having to work damn hard just to get by.

So if working more is the answer to achieving more in life and being more successful then in theory we've cracked the formula to success. Just work harder and more hours.

But it's not that simple. And researchers are now telling us our approach is actually doing us harm. Not only is the work we produce at the end of a 14-hour day is of poorer quality than when we’re fresh it also undermines our creativity and our cognition.

In a  business that can only truly thrive on creativity working long hours reduces that creativity.

Over time, it can make us feel physically sick...

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