Why Perfectionism Hinders Your Capability as a Fashion Professional

career performance Aug 30, 2018

I was once a perfectionist! There you go. My full confession.

I've learned enough to justify sharing my experience and advice with other fashion professionals that suffer from the same affliction.

Perfectionism is not a healthy condition to live with.

As I've grown older my need to drive myself to be perfect in all areas of my life has significantly mellowed. I'm now far less driven to push myself. A combination of hard knocks, setbacks and a developed attitude of "life's too short" has meant that I'm far more considered about the need to get it all "just right".

My family still laughs now at how I used to brush the fringed edges of a Persian rug so that all the tassles were aligned! The room didn't look perfect unless the 2 metres of fringe was perfectly presented.

And my husband still can not understand why I would put mats over the top of mats in my car so that the original mats would stay protected! Only the next owner benefited from this step toward having a perfectly...

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Managing Changes in Your Working Life with a Life Coach

career coaching life Jul 08, 2018

One of my questions as a life coach to ask clients is "Do you feel you work hard?"

The answer is more often than not, yes. Because most of us have to work hard to make our careers, families, and communities successful.

Not working hard doesn't seem to be an option in most cases. It seems modern mankind has evolved to a point where we're all trapped into having to work damn hard just to get by.

So if working more is the answer to achieving more in life and being more successful then in theory we've cracked the formula to success. Just work harder and more hours.

But it's not that simple. And researchers are now telling us our approach is actually doing us harm. Not only is the work we produce at the end of a 14-hour day is of poorer quality than when we’re fresh it also undermines our creativity and our cognition.

In a  business that can only truly thrive on creativity working long hours reduces that creativity.

Over time, it can make us feel physically sick...

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